We are a member of The Transformer Association (TTA) and the International Coil Winding Association (ICWA).

The Transformer Association is a manufacturing trade association whose corporate members include transformer and power supply manufacturers, their suppliers, safety agencies and consultants. Its focus is to strengthen the transformer industry in North America. Association meetings, surveys and strategic alliances are designed to provide information about management, compliance and technical trends relevant to the industry. 

The International Coil Winding Association (ICWA) is the only UK based Trade Association dedicated to the promotion of the Wound Component industry. The ICWA is a non-profit trade association for the benefit of its members. It promotes the coil winding industry by means of exhibitions, trade fairs and conventions.The ICWA acts on behalf of its members to communicate and negotiate with Government departments assisting in international trade, and it co-operates with National Standards organisations to help formulate European & International standards pertaining to the coil winding industry.
The ICWA also gives members advice on technical, sourcing, marketing & exporting issues as is appropriate for a trade organisation.
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