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NEW Micro Moulding Capabilities

Miles Platts has recently welcomed a new micro-moulding machine at our Leicester based production facility. In order to meet the growing customer demand for smaller, electro-technical components this recent investment will allow us to accurately micro mould precision coil bobbins for use in relays, sensors and solenoids.

This new micro-moulding machine and desiccant driers enables us to manufacture electro-technical components as small as 0.125g (PS). With over 50 years of experience precision injection moulding, Miles Platts can ensure high quality, defect free custom and standard designed electro technical components.  

This micro-moulding machine will be used to micro-mould custom designed components with precision high quality tooling that will be manufactured in our in-house toolroom and use high performance engineering grade polymers such as PEEK and LCP. This Arburg 270A machine will ensure repeat accuracy and high processing quality with the use of peripheral monitoring and optimised injection units.

This investment highlights Miles Platt’ move towards more energy efficient processes as the machine is fitted with servo-electric dosage drives to reduce cycle time and will be powered by the energy produced from our onsite solar panels.

Micro bobbins need micro pins!

Alongside our in-house tooling and moulding capabilities Miles Platts offer a competitive in -house terminal insertion service with capabilities including “post inserted” pins and “moulded in” pins.

Using fully automatic wire insertion machines including automatic bowl-feeder for the bobbins we can produce high volumes, extremely accurately pinned bobbins and coil-formers to the most exacting tolerances.

Depending on the needs and specifications of you components whether they are custom micro-mouldings or standard Miles Platts electro-technical components, we can use our knowledge and expertise to create new terminal styles to incorporate features such as IDC connections or solder free PCB terminals.


NEW Micro Moulding Capabilities

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