Amorphous Metal C-Core Bobbins

Added 22 Oct 2020
We have manufactured an extensive selection of AMCC core bobbins for the most popular Amorphous Metal C-Core sizes. These are used within a wide variety of industries and applications including - 
  • High-frequency transformers for X-ray CT, induction heating apparatus, welding machines, communication equipment, etc.
  • Inductors (choke coils) for power conditioner of photovoltaic, wind power generator, and fuel cells.
  • Inductors for boost/down converter of HEV, FCV, UPS, etc. 

Available from stock in Rynite FR530L, UL94V0 rated Class N 200°C PET. Standard colour: Black. Other materials are available on request.
Core Size             Bobbin Part Num
AMCC-4               C00041FR3BLK
AMCC-6.3            C00061FR3BLK
AMCC-8               C00081FR3BLK
AMCC-10             C00101FR3BLK
AMCC-16A           C016A1FR3BLK
AMCC-20             C00201FR3BLK
AMCC-25             C00251FR3BLK
AMCC-32             C00321FR3BLK
AMCC-40             C00401FR3BLK
AMCC-50             C00501FR3BLK
AMCC-63             C00631FR3BLK
AMCC-80             C00801FR3BLK
AMCC-100           C01001FR3BLK
AMCC-125           C01251FR3BLK
AMCC-160           C01601FR3BLK  
AMCC-200           C02001FR3BLK
AMCC-250           C02501FR3BLK

We are continuously developing our range of bobbins, if the bobbin size you require is not listed please contact us. 
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AMCC Bobbins
AMCC Bobbins
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