Miles Platts & DuPont- Winners at Plastic Industry Awards 2010

Added 01 Oct 2010
Miles Platts and DuPont are winners of the “Supplier Partnership” award at the 2010 Plastic Industry Awards. This prestigious plastic industry association (PIA) award was given to Miles Platts and DuPont for their collaboration in the design and development of metal detectable, plastic food hoppers for food processing equipment.

The PIA judges chose the successful association of Miles Platts & DuPont against strong competition within the category. The winners demonstrated an in-depth partnership between plastic supplier and processor for the complete design to manufacture of the project. Miles Platts were able to provide the customer with a solution to convert existing metal food hoppers to a plastic design giving superior benefits over the existing products.

A main criteria for the project to succeed was the food processing requirement that the plastic must be approved for food contact but also it would be ideally be metal detectable to reduce the chance of food contamination through inclusion. The Miles Platts design team contacted DuPont for a suitable material and they were able to offer a newly developed polymer that met the criteria.

Brian Hatley, Miles Platts(l) & Glen Barber, DuPont( r) receive the award from Sky TV presenter Millie Clode

Following a sample trial of the new material in the demanding environment of a food-processing factory Miles-Platts set about the design of the new hopper in 3D-CAD and incorporated a low friction coefficient inside surface, which had not been achievable with traditional metal products.

Working with DuPont to conduct mould-flow analysis Miles Platts technical staff were able to optimise the design of the product for the injection moulding process and engineer potential problems out at an early stage. Production trials of the new hopper were conducted with Miles Platts and DuPont engineers to ensure the best possible processing conditions and finished product.

The metal detectable hoppers have gained production release and have successfully been operational within customer’s production lines throughout Europe and sales of the hoppers are gradually increasing as the new design is being integrated.

Miles Platts is a leading, UL certified manufacturer of coil bobbins and have a long-standing relationship with DuPont for the precision technical moulding of their engineering polymers. To find out how Miles Platts & DuPont can help your business please contact Brian Hatley by email at [email protected] or by telephone +44(0) 116 2643858
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