Miles Platts Invest Further Following Contract Wins

Added 10 Oct 2016
Miles Platts have recently won a number of technically challenging contracts with leading fluid automation, electronics, and coil winding companies for the tool design, manufacture and injection moulding of new components in PEEK material.
PEEK material has a unique combination of properties, which include wear, strength, resistance and dimensional stability as well as exceptional chemical, electrical and temperature resistance.  PEEK is often chosen above other engineering polymers due to its extremely good dimensional stability and its high continuous operating temperature.
The contracts will boost the production facility’s output by hundreds of thousands of components annually. The parts will go on to be used in nuclear power station environments where they are able to withstand demanding conditions and within high precision sense coils where the dimensional stability of the material is a key characteristic. Other projects are for the replacement of machined metal items with PEEK components, which are used in a variety of high performance end-use applications.
In order to cope with the increase in demand and in-line with our five year investment plan, we have acquired additional new moulding machinery capable of processing PEEK material at high temperatures.  As part of our replace & improve programme we have new Arburg Energy Saving Servo Hydraulic moulding machines with polymer processing  capability to 450C and tool heating capability to 250C and precise Selogica controls giving us the best capability for challenging polymers such as PEEK where processing parameters are elevated above the specification of most materials.
Over the last 45 years, Miles Platts have developed a strong reputation for our ability to design and manufacture complex injection moulded parts that use high-performance engineering polymers.
To learn more about our capabilities please do not hesitate to get in touch with Brian Hatley, Technical Sales Manager on +44 116 264 3850 or via [email protected]
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