QA Lab & Office Refurbishment Complete

Added 10 Feb 2017
Miles Platts have heavily invested in upgrading equipment and machinery within the business over the last 18 months. February 2017 saw the completion of the modernisation of our in-house temperature controlled metrology lab and quality offices.

The refurbishment included installation of new storage units, complete redecoration of the areas and a reorganisation of approved first off sample storage system. An equipment upgrade has been completed on our measuring devices which includes the Mondo engineering toolmakers microscope and the Lloyds Universal pin retention testing machine.

The lab and office have been ergonomically designed for better functionality and to provide a safe and high-performing workplace for our staff, where we have also adopted an eco-friendly approach by installing LED lighting within this area and throughout our site. The LED lighting will consume 40% less electricity and also lower CO2 emissions by 40%. The 6000K LED light colour gives a crisp daylight that can reduce tiredness and give better visual accuracy

Our quality control equipment includes:
  • A coordinate measuring machine CNC - with touch probe and vision system measurement (with 3D measurement software)
  • An engineering toolmakers microscope (with 3D measurement software)
  • A Universal testing machine for tension and compression testing (as we specialise in tagged products we conduct comprehensive push and pull tests on our products) Miles Platts continually invest in ongoing training of all of our staff in our quality processes and procedures to achieve a multi-functioning work force.
In October 2016, Miles Platts became one of the first companies within the UK to be accredited to ISO EN 9001:2015 by the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance .

We are proud to supply to customers in the UK, USA, Europe and across the rest of the world. If you’d like to find out more about our products and services, please email our team at [email protected] or call on +44 116 264 3850.
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