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When customers choose Miles-Platts products, they have the assurance of knowing that all of our components are designed to perform to the highest quality and are engineered to the most exacting industry standards.

Our standard Miles Platts coil bobbins, coil formers, insulation covers, housings, clips, terminals and toroid mounts are all available in a comprehensive selection of imperial / inch and metric sizes to suit a combination of uses.

Where required, we also have the knowledge, capability and flexibility to design and manufacture brand-new, custom products. Here, we work closely with customers as a trusted partner throughout every stage of the development process from initial concepts through to production.

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Custom Designed Components

We manufacture more than standard coil bobbins, we design and engineer custom components such as solenoids, EV motor bobbins, stator end caps, busbar covers and insulation components for various applications such as electric motors.

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AMCC Coil Bobbins

Coil bobbins for AMCC cores are an essential electro-technical component that are typically used in high-power and high-frequency electronic devices as they ensure optimal performance with reliable and efficient operation.  

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Clips and Accessories

Our clips and accessories are compatible with our collection of standard products, including ETD clips and accessories, portal clamps and terminal bushes.

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Coil Bobbins for Ferrite Cores

Our coil bobbins for ferrite cores are designed for use in transformers, chokes and other electronic devices and use ceramic cores rather than stacked steel laminations.

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Coil Bobbins for Gas Ignition

Coil bobbins for gas ignition are engineered and moulded with high-performance polymers to withstand high temperatures and vibrations that are typical of gas ignition applications.

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Coil Bobbins for Inch Laminations

Miles Platts coil bobbins for inch laminations are manufactured in a wide range of UL-certified high-performance engineering polymers and are available with lead-free terminals or pins.

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Coil Bobbins for Metric Laminations

At Miles Platts, we are a UL-recognised moulder with a wide range of coil bobbins for metric laminations manufactured in prime high-performance engineering polymers.

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Miscellaneous Coil Bobbins

With a wealth of knowledge spanning more than five decades in the precision technical moulding trade, Miles Platts focuses on crafting moulded coil bobbins and electro-technical parts.

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Toroid Mounts and Headers

Miles Platts have 7 vertical mounts which are available with through-hole termination options and manufactured in high-performance engineering grade polymers.

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Miles Platts have a wide variety of terminals that are compatible with our coil bobbins and electro-technical components. All of our terminals and wire are lead-free and RoHS compliant to meet international standards.

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