Electrical Insulation

Our work within the electrical industry has seen projects to provide insulation with plastic components.  Apart from the ability to mould complex shapes and provide dimensional stability, engineering polymer is also able to provide electrical isolation and meet flammability requirements. 

In addition to providing mechanical functionality we’re well versed in both designing features to provide physical isolation through solid insulation to meet creepage and clearance requirements as well as choosing materials that can meet demanding, fully re-enforced isolation.

When looking at component designs we’re able to offer practical advice on subjects such as dielectric strength, CTI grouping and GWIT for polymer selection as well as advising on mechanical issues such as wall thickness, injection moulding techniques and assemblies.

 Recent projects have included internal parts for electricity meters, wind turbine power generator output conditioning, stator isolation in motors and generators.
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Components with Electrical Insulation
Components with Electrical Insulation
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