Multi- Chamber

Our involvement with PSU manufacturers has developed our skills to mould bobbins and isolation components with multi-chamber designs in order to meet high voltage creepage and clearance requirements.

Multiple thin walled flanges extending outwards from the bobbin tube over a long distance creates its own challenges in moulding but is complicated further by using glass filled materials with flame retardant additives.

With a high number of turns and small gauge wire being used on these types of products the dimensional stability of the flanges is paramount to the winding process and at Miles Platts we’re used to working with these types of constraints.  To counter the inevitable distortion of glass filled material we have developed component design techniques to overcome this problem as well as incorporating compensation within our tool designs.

At Miles Platts we’re used to working with zero draft to maximise the available space for winding and ensure close fit to lamination stacks and ferrite cores.
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Multi Chamber Moulded Bobbin
Multi Chamber Moulded Bobbin
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