LOOSE PIN - 9443
LOOSE PIN - 9280
LOOSE PIN - 9250-01 Pin
LOOSE PIN (9447)
LOOSE PIN (9402)
LOOSE PIN (Not 9226) (Not Z28730)
LOOSE PIN (9453)
LOOSE PIN - 9444
FO .110"
PC 5mm SL 3.2mm
BW PC 5mm
Solder 5.6mm SL 3.2mm
Solder 5.6mm NO SL
Solder 7mm SL 4mm
FO 2.8mm SL 3.2mm
BW FO 2.8mm
PC 4mm SL 2.2mm
BW PC 4mm
PC 4mm NO SL
Mars Titan
FAST ON (B).028"
BW PC 5mm SL 3.2mm
PC 7mm SL 5mm
FO 4.8mm SL 4.9mm
PC 10mm SL 3.2mm
FO 2.8mm SL 5mm
FO 6.4mm SL 4.9mm
Solder 230" X.1" SL.1"
PC .230" SL .140"
Solder 260" X.1" SL .18"
PC .225" SL .175"
BW .250" SL .150"
SOLDER.3" X.140" SL.175"
FO .110" SL .175"
PC .145" SL .140"
FO .187" SL .175"
FO .250" SL .175"
1/4" Fast-on 0.020" Thickness
3/16" Fast-on 0.020" Thickness
LOOSE PIN (9256)
0.61mm Round Wire
0.7mm Round Wire
0.8mm Round Wire
0.9mm Round Wire
1.0mm Round Wire
0.457mm Square Wire
0.635mm Square Wire
0.7mm Square Wire
0.8mm Square Wire Note: 0.8mm Square Wire NO LONGER STOCKED USE 0.8mm Square Wire Serrated as alliterative.

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