Moulding insulation and functional plastic parts for motors brings together our core competencies of design, technical moulding and terminal insertion along with a practical knowledge of coil winding means that we are able to offer an in-depth knowledge of bobbins and insulation components for motor manufacturers.

We recognise the need to mould bobbins and components that are fully crystalline ensuring they’re dimensionally stable and strong enough so the stator window doesn’t collapse under winding pressure.  Where split bobbins are used to fit onto a T shaped stator tooth our knowhow and experience on how the bobbin should join together not only  to make a good physical joint and also a sound electrical insulation path.

Key features of Miles Platts solenoid bobbins, high performance engineering polymers
  • Thin wall sections
  • Start & exit wire slots
  • Zero draft & parallel cores on tooling in critical areas
  • Winding posts & routing slots
  • Terminal pin insertion
  • Integral IDC terminal pockets
  • Perpendicular flanges for accurate winding
  • Perfect layer grooves for orthocyclic winding
  • Fill factors of >90%
  • Dimensionally stable bobbin with high Cpk values
  • Strong centre tube to withstand winding pressure
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