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ETD Ferrite Core Coil Bobbins

Miles Platts ETD ferrite core coil bobbins are essential components in the construction of transformers and inductors. They provide support for the windings and maintain their shape and alignment while helping to optimize the electrical and magnetic properties of the devices.

These bobbins are available in a range of different sizes and configurations, including ETD29, ETD34, ETD39, ETD44, and ETD49, ETD size depends on the specific requirements of the transformer design.

Our ETD coil bobbins are moulded in high-performance engineering polymers providing excellent insulation properties and high temperature resistance preventing the windings from short-circuiting. Designed with a flange on both ends it allows for efficient winding and securing of the transformer coil to allow for effective energy transfer.

All parts are available as plain parts or fully pinned, for alternative pinning configurations please contact the sales team.

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