Tool Design

The quality of the finished moulding stems from not only the correct polymer selection and a good component design but also the design of the mould tool.  When precision technical moulding requires tightly toleranced dimensions with high Cpk values then this is where investment in a properly designed mould tool is needed.

Having a balanced tool with a correctly dimensioned feed system and temperature control will produce defect free mouldings that meet specification repeatedly and reliably.  Assessing features that are likely to distort and designing the tool in such a way that we can make compensation as required is one of the valuable attributes of a Miles Platts tool.

With all aspects of component design, tool design, tool manufacture and moulding being in house then all departments work together to share their experiences and improve the overall process.  The tool design is key to this process.

Whether it’s feed locations, choosing which tool steel to use to suit the polymer, where to split the tool or where to put heating elements or thermocouples the tool design and toolroom staff at Miles Platts hold a wealth of experience in making this part of the process as important as the tool itself.

Miles Platts operates ProEngineer/ CREO 3D CAD.
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