Tool Manufacture

Having established a finished component design with the customer which in turn has led to a mould tool design the in-house toolroom at Miles Platts then take on the next stage of the project.  Working closely with sales, design and production departments, Miles-Platts toolroom staff are able to manufacture precision tools utilising 3D CAM data provided by our design department. The Company can manufacture full stand-alone injection mould tools or modular tools to fit within standard Miles-Platts housings. This innovative approach allows fully hardened tools to be produced at globally competitive prices.

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, the Miles Platts in-house toolroom is well versed in manufacturing tools to provide defect-free, high quantity, precision mouldings.  3D CAD data is converted into CAM data for our CNC machines for EDM sparking or wiring allowing us to produce extremely accurate tool inserts.

With the control of the component design, the tool design and tool manufacture all being within one location Miles-Platts can ensure the highest flexibility and quality to ensure the finished moulded component meets all expectations.

Toolroom capabilities include:
  • CNC Machining
  • EDM Spark Erosion
  • Wire Erosion
  • Surface Grinding

In addition to injection mould tool manufacture, the Miles-Platts toolroom can produce a wide variety of bespoke general engineering tooling including pinning equipment tooling and mandrels for winding machines.

Working with international partners, Miles-Platts can design, specify and manufacture full mould tools from lower-cost countries should this be required.
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