Bobbin Manufacturer for Coil Winding

Bobbins!  It’s probably what most people think of when they hear the Miles Platts name.

Miles Platts has been closely associated with the coil winding industry since the start of the company in 1971 and the introduction of our standard product ranges for transformer manufacturers.

Bringing together injection moulding, polymers for the electrical industry, creepage  & clearance for electrical isolation, terminal pin insertion and coil winding techniques our expertise in this field was honed over the years.  As our reputation grew in the transformer industry then we inevitably expanded into the larger coil winding industry to work with customers manufacturing solenoids, actuators, relays, motors, sensors and pretty much everything else needing a precision wound coil with a bobbin as its foundation..

Collectively our staff has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing lasting components to support the industry as well as having worked directly in coil winding.

These days our manufacturing is split into standard coil bobbins for our own catalogue items, custom design bobbins for customers and other technical plastic components.

With expertise in areas such as moulding with zero draft, perfect layer techniques, start/exit wire slots and terminal insertion we’re able to offer practical advice and provide precision mouldings for the most demanding coil winding applications.
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Plastic Bobbins for Coil Winding
Plastic Bobbins for Coil Winding
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